Take me to the Stories

Lyman Henderson Twenty-five years ago, if you had phoned Davis + Henderson and asked for the President, you would have likely ended up with me — if I happened to be in at that time. You see, I was also engaged in various volunteer positions. I might have been at The National Ballet, or the Good Neighbours’ Club, or Open Studio, Visual Arts Ontario, The Presbyterian Church, The Arts & Letters Club, The Power Plant Gallery, or some like venue. You might say that printing was my vocation but these other interests my avocation.

I retired some 25 years ago from gainful employment and, believing that “retirement” means “getting new tires,” I doubled up on the avocations side.

I have always enjoyed writing and even published quite a few works. I decided to celebrate my 90th birthday by publishing my short stories on a blog. You are in that blog now. I post a new story (or chapter) every fortnight on a Wednesday, excepting the summer months. To increase your enjoyment there is no cost. Just click on the button below the photo and then click on your chosen title — and enjoy! If you wish, send me a comment in the space at the end of the story. That’s for my enjoyment.