Train to Appledoram Junction

The once a year train to transport apples… by Lyman Henderson C.M., B.A. Let me tell you something. I’ve lived in Appledoram Junction all my life (I’m the editor of the Appledoram Junction Expositor, you know) nigh onto 70 years, and I never did see the likes of this. Now have you ever been to Appledoram Junction? Well AJ—oh yes, we have some big city ways, like calling places and things by... read more

Jake the Car

The psychopathic car … By Lyman Henderson, C.M., B.A. Naomi had always wanted a car of her own. She had earned her own way into her mid twenties and now was a young adult of some stature. She was a tall slim brunette with a mass of black hair. She let the wind have its way with her hair so it was wild and beautiful. Her dark skinned face housed an innocent and engaging smile. Naomi had an attractive... read more

Wet Panty-Hose

A bank robber and his teenage hostage… By Lyman Henderson, C.M., B.A. It was a cold, grey ominous afternoon. Dirty snow covered the ground. The leaden sky had a shipload more of snow, ready for delivery at any moment. The grey landscape was slashed with red as the rotating, police-car lights painted their alarms. Behind those cars, men and women crouched, caressing an arsenal of killing weapons. All... read more

Parking Slot #6

By Lyman Henderson John LeFroy—John D. LeFroy (sorry about that)—sat in his new office, combing a chipmunk moustache with a fawning fore-finger. It was not commonplace for a 25-year old to make it to executive ranks. He was supremely conscious that none of his university peers had been so rewarded for their efforts. Well, possibly except Joe Watson, but he had gone into the family business. Didn’t... read more