Jacob & Esau

A mostly forgotten Biblical tale with a surprising conclusion This tale has been paraphrased from the biblical story of these two figures from early history, related in Genesis (25:21 – 33:20, Revised Standard Version 1946-52.) Jacob was a slippery man. You might even call him sleezy. Whatever. In those nomadic days when social and moral laws had yet to be written, human interaction depended more on the... read more

A Valentine Song: Early One Morning

by Lyman Henderson When you wake up in the morning and your belly‘s full to bursting The clock says only five, but your throat is dry and thirsting There’s a frost upon your nose as it peaks above the covers And you’d really rather doze, if you only had your druthers. But the drummer’s roll is booming on your fulminating bladder. So you step into the cold with your knees and teeth achatter. And you... read more