Planning the Easter Weekend

by Lyman Henderson HOLY WEEK—Sunday, March 28 to Sunday April 4: PALM SUNDAY (March 28): Recalling Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem where the excited crowds lined the road way with palm branches. I’ve been thinking about the long weekend. I want to rake the leaves and paint the porch. I’ll probably miss Palm Sunday at church.  I’ll plan on attending on Easter. MAUNDY THURSDAY (April 1): A... read more

TRUTHOPIA by Lyman Henderson

I have travelled to Truthopia. It’s a very strange land with very strange mystic powers. It lies between Atlantis and Never Never Land. Everyone there always tells the truth because lies appear in red balloons above their heads, just as in a cartoon. Consequently everyone is always truthful because no one wants to be caught with a red balloon flying overhead! Except that only those who always tell the... read more