Whoosh at Appledoram Junction

It was just one of those early spring days. No set-up meeting, mind you. Just Billy Filterhouse, Stretch Mason and me, sitting around the pot bellied stove at Widow Waterworth’s General Store—that’s before she closed it, you mind. So we three are just sitting and chewing on bits of conversation. Going nowhere and in no hurry to get there. As a mark of respect for the women, we had left our three... read more

Shrimp to Shrimp

Cecelia was picture perfect. Medium height, but that was the only thing about her that was medium. Full blond hair, which swirled with her movements, hazel green eyes that seemed lit from within, an almost beautiful face for an undergrad, and dressed with taste. She wore an olive green dress, almost khaki, that echoed the green in her eyes. Minimum jewelry. Yet with all those things going for her she... read more