The Young Man and the Sea

It was his fifth day of introspective solitude. He sat on the rock and watched the incoming tide send recce-party waves to test the shore’s craggy ramparts. His 64th-floor-office pallor had given way to a happy tan. Physically he looked a lot healthier, but he knew that physical improvement would not be sufficient for Marilyn. Would she appreciate what else had happened to him? The first day he had paced... read more

Abigail, Rebecca and Miriam (Ch. 2)

This is a sequel! Make sure you read the May 19th posting before opening this one. Diary entries (D day plus 6 months): Albert [Mirjam’s professor]: Progress with MIriam is truly remarkable. A pleasure to work with one so talented. Won the UTS School McMurray Award—top ranking that the school can give! Seems that the methodology Abby and I have devised and implemented is right on for the time. Maybe... read more