Abigail, Rebecca and Miriam (Ch. 2)

This is a sequel! Make sure you read the May 19th posting before opening this one.

Diary entries (D day plus 6 months): Albert [Mirjam’s professor]: Progress with MIriam is truly remarkable. A pleasure to work with one so talented. Won the UTS School McMurray Award—top ranking that the school can give! Seems that the methodology Abby and I have devised and implemented is right on for the time. Maybe need another advisor? Don’t want my ego to hold Miriam back. Talk to Abby about this.

Abby? Abigail? What can I say? We work well together, concentrating on Miriam. I am filled with admiration? Anything deeper? Not quite sure. What does Abby think of me? Any time I try to get a little closer she holds up a very gentle hand. Then back to business. Maybe I should be more assertive?

Miriam [the precocious student]: This is sooooooo exciting! Won the UTS top scholarship prize for ALL grades, McMurray, I think. Imagine that! I’m on white steed ridden by a white Knight, galloping into an exciting future. (OK, so it’s not only Albert. Abby’s doing great stuff too. But a white horse needs a male rider. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s just a rider.) My love life? On hold mostly but no regrets. All the guys I thought were great seem sort of second rate now. I must say Mum’s taking this all very well. I not sure she even knows what’s going on—or cares. She’s just happy that I’m not creating the usual teenage problems for her.

I don’t think my plan to partner Albert and Abigail is progressing very well. They sure work well together but are they really SEEING each other. They seem like the ideal couple to me but the hormones don’t seem to be working—at all! If I’m as bright as they say I am I ought to be able to do something about this. Mental Note: Give it some real thinking.

Abigail [Miriam’s attractive spinster aunt] : You know I really didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed to this Miriam Assignment Programme (I call it our MAP.) And now she’s won UTS’s highest award. Oh, I guess Albert and I helped but we sure had great material to work with. We three make a winning team, that’s for sure.

I just can’t make out Albert. I admire him tremendously—and his selflessness. Doing all this for just a young girl, a student. So I admire him. Can I see it going any further? Am I in love with him? Is there a future for us? Other than this MAP?  I think there were times over the last few months when he made a tentative approach, but then I got cold feet and backed up. Maybe I’m just being silly. We’ll see what time has in store.

Rebecca [Miriam’s “play-girl” mother]: No entry on this date.

Miriam had finally developed a plan. It was a high-risk plan. It depended on the main actors behaving in predictable ways. And people don’t always behave that characteristically. Her plan was ingenious and if it worked… ah yes, if it worked. But what if it didn’t? Miriam decided there was no other way and that she had to try it. Timing would be everything and she watched for her opportunity.

It was a couple of days later that fate decided that the pot needed stirring. Albert and Abbie had spent a productive Wednesday evening at the school. They said a carefully crafted “G’night,” to each other. Abbie walked out to her car but couldn’t start it. She was forced inside to tell Albert and to phone the motor league. Albert insisted that he drive her home. (Miriam’s plan was suddenly in blast off mode.)

When they arrived at the big house, Albert (a gentleman of the old school) escorted Abbie to the front door. She, also being of the old school, invited him inside.

“Well, just for a moment. I haven’t met your sister yet.”

Abbie’s heart sank with premonition but there was no turning back. The two went inside. Rebecca was sprawled on the sofa watching TV. Miriam was at the bookshelf. Rebecca took one look at Albert and sprang immediately into attack mode. She was the huntress and Albert was fair game. Not only “fair” but being delivered up on a platter. Rebecca stalked from the crouch.

Abigail tried to be nonchalant. “This is my sister, Rebecca. And Rebecca, this is Albert. You know the one I meet each Wednesday night to work on Miriam’s career.”

Rebecca smoked him with her eyes, almost scorching his skin. (He burned easily.) “So this is the hunk of man you’ve been seeing so long. Impressive!” She reached out her hand. Albert didn’t know whether to shake it or kiss it. Uncharacteristically he kissed it. As he straitened up he ran full tilt into her high beam gaze. He withered.

Abigail had seen it all happen before. Her man, about whom she suddenly felt very possessive, was in risk of becoming an appetizer for the tigress. She jumped to the defensive. “Albert can’t stay, I’m afraid. He was kind enough to drive me home. My car broke down.” She practically pushed him out the front door. She didn’t even say “G’night.” She stood with her back against the closed door and contemplated the morrow with serious apprehension. They were all slated to meet at the Osprey Club at 8:00 to celebrate Miriam’s achievements. Abbie would be forced to watch her man being torn apart and consumed piece by piece. There was nothing to stop it. She would just have to let nature takes its course. She turned to go to her room.

Miriam followed shortly afterwards. She appeared strangely unmoved by the drama that had just taken place. Or maybe she just didn’t notice… but that seemed highly improbable.

And indeed the evening of the morrow unfolded much as Abigail had feared. You might have thought that the three women, living together in the same house, would drive down in one car. But this did not suit Rebecca’s plan of attack.

She arrived half an hour late, and made an entrance worthy of the Stratford stage. She was dressed in a silver sheath, which threw light beams as she walked. Her décolletage defied most of the laws of gravity. Her red hair (a chosen colour for the evening) was a burning halo around her head. Her makeup was applied by Cleopatra herself.  She glided into the room on a cushion of air. There wasn’t one person in the hall who didn’t know that Rebecca had arrived.

Albert jumped up to hold the chair for this royal vision. He was entranced. In one way he suspected it was all bait but in another he was eager to explore. During dinner he was a fish in her hands. He was well hooked and she toyed with her new catch in excruciating detail. He discovered a glowing obliviousness that he had never experienced before… On her side, she saved the kill for the dance floor.

When the music recommensed, it was simply in the laws of the Medes and Persians that these two should dance together.  He took her in his arms and she was as down. They melded together and danced as one, first quite simple steps, then more complicated and colourful. Eventually other dancers left the floor two by two to sit and watch this unique performance. With the final blare of brass, the performance finished in a climax. The two actually bowed to the applause. Rebecca headed back to the table. You might think that Albert was on a leash.

They sat there, reveling in the afterglow of the dance. They sipped champagne and even held hands. It was as if the other guests were transparent.

It was Miriam who eventually broke the spell. Now was the appropriate moment. Another man was coming to the table. “Albert, I’d like to introduce you to my father, John.”

Albert crawled out of his trance slowly. But Rebecca snapped out like a whip. Her voice was a rasp file over her polished teeth. “Who the fuck asked you?”

“I did,” replied Miriam brightly. “I thought it fitting that my father be here for my celebration.”

“Oh you did, did you! Let me tell you that this shit is lower than a cow’s splat. You can smell him two blocks away. He’s not fit company for a destitute alcoholic. Now just fuck off, will you?” Rebecca sat down explosively, took a mouth full of champagne and blew it all over her ex husband.

He did not seem particularly surprised, he just sat there calmly wiping himself down with a handkerchief. He visually checked out Albert? “So this is number 13? Or is it 15?”

Rebecca stood up, grabbed her purse and swung it at John’s head. He ducked easily. She strode out of the hall, still a queen but a very angry one.

An embarrassed silence settled over the hall until the band, attempting to rescue the evening, started off with a lively tune.

Meanwhile Albert had collapsed like a house of cards and was sitting on the floor. His head was pillowed on Abigail’s breast as she rocked him gently. (There is no succour that a woman can give a man that is stronger than resting his head on her bosom.)

He looked at her with abject apology written all over him. “Oh Abby,” he moaned, “what an ass I was. Can you forgive me?…” Then as a serious after thought, “Do you love me?”

Abigail eased up on her cuddling for a moment. “I… I…don’t know.”

“Abby. This is important. Do you love me?”

“Oh, Bert. I’ve loved you since I first walked into you classroom with Miriam.”

“Then we can live this evening down.” He rose reluctantly from the floor and took manly command. He turned to the hovering waiter, giving him a credit card. “Bill please, Alphonse.”

“Right away, sir.”

John interceded with a laugh, forcing the credit card back into Albert’s hand. “This one’s on me Albert. I haven’t had such an evening in years. First Miriam’s Award. Then this amazing spectacle. I suspect you have better things to do than wait for the bill. And I am going to take Miriam home. I haven’t had a private conversation with my daughter in some years. You escort Abigail home… or wherever.”

Albert was exalted. He took Abigail’s arm and they started to leave the room. He turned to Miriam. “Don’t wait up for us. We might be late.”

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  1. charles kirby says:

    Different style of narrative, for you, Lyman, but this story is not yetr finished.

  2. charles kirby says:

    A different style of narrative for you, Lyman. Why? Because the story of these people is not over!

  3. Geri says:

    Bravo, Lyman………when is the next chapter?

  4. Peggy Moxon says:

    Great fun lyman and interesting characters. Please carry on, don’t leave us in midair.

  5. Silvana Ness says:

    I had missed the first chapter, so I read both for the first time.

    The first part made promising reading and begged for continuation.

    The second part felt a bit rushed to its conclusion.

    We are happy with the dénouement but is Albert the right man for

    Abigail? He seems to behave rather impetuously – I would question

    the depth of his feelings for her. Interesting reading, as ever.

  6. MadeleineFound it a bit long, but enjoyed the folksy narrative.Keep on writing. By the way, I finished your momoirs, and enjoyed the great story of an says:

    A perfect ending of this part of the story -you cannot leave it there. Please continur the saga.

  7. Victoria Henderson says:

    I agree with Sylvana that you rushed to the end of this second chapter. Everyone agrees that there needs to be more. Is this a novel in the hatching? Take your time and enjoy exploring your characters; they all show great promise!

  8. Irene B says:

    Chpt.1 is an enticing lead into Chpt.2. Top part of Chpt.2 a little mundane but with necessary details until sizzle time when Rebecca shows up for dinner. Your expletives when Rebecca meets John sound real life. Perhaps some wordly stint you witnessed from a trucker, biker, sailor or dock worker. This sory has potential for developing in many directions and I look foreward to Chpt.3.

  9. Lynn says:

    I agree with Victoria. your characters need to be develped further. The love triangle was interesting. Certainly no sisterly love there. Do they all live happily ever after?

  10. Victoria says:

    More please, more! :)

  11. jack long Feb 21,10. says:

    I finally got this one and it was worth the wait. Of course it could have been stretched out into many chapters and maybe should have been.
    This has the basics of a good novel or at least a much longer short story.
    Let’s have some more about these people; they are interesting.

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