Abigail, Rebecca and Miriam (Ch. 5)

This is a sequel to chapters already posted. The next day, at breakfast, Jeremy promised Rebecca to introduce her to the mysteries about that truly Canadian icon, the canoe. She confessed that she had never even seen one in the flesh let alone been in one. (He decided to keep quiet about that myth that making love in a canoe would make her a true Canadian!) “Let me tell you, Rebecca, this will be one of... read more

Abigail, Rebecca and Miriam (Ch. 4)

This is a sequel to chapters already posted. Jeremy had arrived quite late at the Rostrevor resort the evening before but, by email, had arranged to have breakfast with Rebecca. They met at the table with the enthusiasm of lovers who had been parted too long, but are trying not to make it too obvious to the surrounding tables—without much success. They ordered from the smiling waitress: “Priscilla”... read more

Abigail, Rebecca and Miriam (Ch. 3)

by Lyman Henderson with assistance from Kim Good ABIGAIL, REBECCA and MIRIAM (Chapter 3) by Lyman Henderson This is a sequel! Synopsis of Chapters 1 &2, previously posted: Abigail and Rebecca are two middle aged sisters, living together with Rebecca’s brilliant teenage daughter, Miriam, in the old family home. All three are beauties. However, Abigail had never met the right man. Recently she has been... read more