Abigail, Rebecca and Miriam (Ch. 7)

Abigail was sitting in the living room of the family’s old rambling house. She had returned to her former room after giving Albert and his home the heave ho. She was having a cocktail before dinner., one that Miriam had already mixed, what she thought would be a pickup for Abigail. She certainly needed one. She looked like a discarded sea boot half floating on the waters. But Abigail was only toying with... read more

Abigail, Rebecca and Miriam (Ch. 6)

We now look in on the older sister, Abigail, and her new found love, Albert, and see how they are progressing. Abigail was looking daggers at Albert as he staggered in the door balancing a load of books. “Do you know what day this is?” she asked aggressively. He seemed completely caught off guard. He placed the books on the dining room table while he searched his memory for some guilt reference.... read more