Stolen Identity (Ch. 2)

Make sure you read the original chapter before starting chapter 2. Meanwhile, nearby, William George Hornblower was experiencing his own transformation. Willy G. (everyone called him Willy G.) has been superintendant of the Ashforth Printing Works Ltd. for more than 30 years, from 1970 up to his recently promised promotion to Vice-President of Production. To be perfectly candid, VP Production of a printing... read more

Stolen Identity (Ch. 1)

Lancaster George Edgerton (George to most) sat in a worn arm chair in the non-descript living room of their, well actually his and his wife’s, very ordinary house on a indistinguishable residential street. (Her name was Clare.) He looked glumly out the window into nothing. It was a nothing day. The sun, though giving some light, gave scant comfort. The day was neither clement nor inclement. If an artist... read more