Ethyl & Rob

He was walking through the hotel lounge. It was a spacious hall finished in faux marble and fake gold, but opulent none the less. Two large urns of artificial flowers added flaming colour to the golden scene. An enormous real crystal chandelier sparkled and illuminated from a tactical point in mid ceiling. Hotel staff in military uniforms were stationed strategically, like punctuation marks in a long... read more

Stolen Identity, (ch. 3)

It is mid April at the Edgerton household—a couple of months since we left the Edgerton couple emerging from Holt Refrew. (At that time, husband and wife were on a carefully orchestrated shopping spree to more suitably clothe the new Lanc.) Lanc and Clare are sitting in the same living room, except that it is no longer the same. The grey feel has been banished. The room sparkles with new bolder curtains... read more