The Barmaid: a Painting by Andrew Sookrah

It must have been about eight years ago. Andrew Sookrah, a shining star in the artistic firmament was having a one-man show of his paintings at the Arts and Letters Club. My wife Ann and I were mesmerized by his unique portraits. One could spot these works across the room as a Sookrah. That’s the kind of art we liked to buy and enjoy. So we ended up purchasing this arresting work featuring the barmaid. I... read more

Our Porous Border, Chapter 2

The US guard slammed the passport closed and yelled at the intercom, “CODE RED. CODE RED. I’ve got a live one here!” Jacob floored the accelerator and the small car leapt ahead as if stung by a wasp. The car streaked past the guards running out of the guard room and slithered around the barriers that were already closing. In a few moments, he was well away from the actual border but could hear the... read more

Our Porous Border, Chapter 1

Jacob Macovski was not a nice man. For one thing he murdered his girl friend—one night in her cheap rooming house in Everston, Illinois north of Chicago. He murdered her for an heirloom gold bar that her grandfather had bought long ago, when gold was only $35 an ounce. He definitely wouldn’t have murdered her when gold’s trading value was at $35. But now it was somewhere over $1,000 and he figured... read more