Erik the Red

Allycia Uccello sewed this tapestry (and many other tapestries and soft sculptures) when she was but 22 and was granted a one-woman show at the Ontario Science Centre in 1975. We were fortunate enough to acquire this exceptional work. The following story that the piece inspired is purely from my imagination. (This saga is translated from the original Norse by Lyman—or so he says.) <>  Now... read more

There but for the Grace of God…

I have frequently found that people with unusual names are more interesting. It was not so, however, with Melissa. Here full name was Melissa Grayling and her character was more akin to her last name than her first. Melissa was 29 and unattached. Mind you, she had had some brief encounters with the opposite sex but they had been too casual and short term to be rated as an attachment. So at 29 she was... read more