Broken Silence painted by Geoffrey Armstrong

About 40-50 years ago, Geoff held a one artist show to display and sell his unique paintings. This particular one, “Broken Silence,” was displayed on his mailing piece. We were lucky enough to secure it for ourselves. It has been one of our favourite pieces and many visitors have seen it hanging in a place of honour in our living room. Interestingly enough, no one has ever asked, “What is it?” Many... read more

India 1995.

Our introduction to this large and mysterious country, courtesy David and Jean Eadie, was not the most propitious, but it was such an initiation to Indian culture that we consider it a precious experience—in retrospect. The Thai Air schedule proclaimed that we would arrive in Dehli (from Bangkok) at 2:45 AM, but departure delays made that an hour late. The arrival at the Delhi airport, though late, was... read more