The Lure of the North, Chapter One.

What is it about the north that is so attractive to Canadians? What makes them oft-times turn their backs on sun, surf and sand and court storm, snow and yes, silence? It can no longer be the promise of easy riches. Since the massive gold rush of the 1886 the mining has largely gone professional. So maybe it’s a product of our pioneering genes. (It was only a couple of centuries ago that to “go... read more

Rape of Europa

This large painting was created by Charles Sucsan a few years ago. I am fortunate to own both the paining and its initial small pencil sketch. His subject is Zeus, in the guise of a white bull, running off with Europa. The ancient Cretan myth has it that the great god Zeus was enamoured of a beautiful Phoenician woman of high lineage, Europa. In order to seduce her (gods of those days also had powerful... read more