Building Bridges

He looked like a grandfather and indeed he was. But despite his 80 odd years and his experience-carved face and his somewhat erratic walk, he had a bright twinkle in his eyes. His prominent nose looked as if it had sniffed in many different places around the globe. There was a liver mark above one eyebrow that was distinctive but not disfiguring. His hair was full and snow white. Now Grandpa Ashworth may... read more

The Lure of the North, Chapter Two

Onwards but now south again on our cruise from Alaska. The next port of call was to be Sitka and we had another shore event booked and paid for. As we were travelling along at sea, the captain came on the public address system: “I’m sorry to tell you that I have just had a weather report from Sitka. There are strong winds and 12 foot waves. The ship could take that but I feel the passengers would not... read more