The Vatican

Today I take you on a visit to the Vatican. It seems appropriate at Advent. The following is an edited excerpt from my wife Ann’s and my travelooklet entitled “Italy is Theatre,” created during our trip there in the spring of 1996. (As a matter of interest Ann was a Roman Catholic and I am a Presbyterian, so you will get a dual concept of the Vatican.) The Vatican! This is the world’s smallest... read more


“Hi, Queenie. Long time no smell!” “Oh, that’s rather clever, Rupert.” “Sniff, sniff… Do I detect??? Sniff, sniff… Do I detect… Royal York Hotel?” “No way. You wouldn’t catch me near the place.” “Come on, Queenie. That’s not just ANY place I’m detecting. This is something special. Royal York, or the King Eddie, or one of those new ones with the fancy names. Continental? Soho... read more

Federal Government

The day was starting with a pretty normal morning on a typical overcast early spring day in typical Vancouver. After a while, I looked at my bedside clock. It was time for the coffee ritual and I walked to the Urban Fare for my morning fix. Except that the day was hardly NORMAL. You know how those routine days sometimes turn round and bite you? I’d forgotten my morning paper so I was amusing myself by... read more