I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Oh, don’t pay no never mind to me. I’m just a stalk of wheat left over after the fall cutting. Standing all alone, swaying in the wind, with all my friends dried up and blown away. And here I am sitting with my beer in front of me, in my favourite pub, The Lazy Poughman. I’m just me by myself. Me and my beer. Sort of lonely like. Of a late October, Friday afternoon. Don’ think we’ve met before.... read more

Professor at Risk, Chapter 4

Please read first 3 Chapters or this one won’t make much sense. It was about two weeks after THE EVENT. Taverna’s place in the classroom was comfortable once again, not only to her but to her professor and the rest of the class. The internet buzz, never very specific, had died down. It was the end of the day and she was going to the home she shared with her mother, Sophia. She walked in the door to... read more

Professor at Risk, Chapter 3

Please read Chapters 1&2 first, or this one won’t make much sense. Thanks to those readers who offered advice. Two of you said, “You got them into this mess; you straighten it out!” All of you wanted Charlie to discuss it with Samantha, but only a few of you extended that to the Dean. There wasn’t much sympathy for Charlie’s naivety, and some concern whether or not Taverna was a conniving... read more