Reluctant Bride, Chapter 2

Lorne had chosen the Panagea Restaurant on Bay Street for his first date with Illona. It was perhaps not THE restaurant in town but the cuisine was exquisite and it was quiet and cozy. He had picked Illona up and left her off at the front door while he parked the car. On returning, he was delighted that the maître d’ had ushered her to a secluded corner and he joined her. The waiter, Peter, hovered and... read more

Reluctant Bride, Chapter 1

Illona Ivanovitch was an understated beauty. She was tall and slim, dressed in a gold-flecked top that melted onto a delightful figure. She swirled a full beige skirt whenever she moved. Her hair was a tousled blond, with reddish tints. She had an arresting oval face with a darkened finish that looked more genetic than tanned. She had deep searching brown eyes. Lorne Hudson at 45 was obviously a shade... read more